UV & EB Curing


Nowadays, what ever  "cured"an object you touched which is using either ultraviolet (UV) or electron beam(EB) processing such as  your morningcereal box, a CD or DVD, a magazine, your credit card, typing on your keyboard,your car, or your floor.

UVand EB curing refers to a special way in which coatings, inks, adhesives,composites and other materials may be cured (dried), rather than usingtraditional methods which typically use more energy and create harmfulemissions. In effect, the ultraviolet light spectrum in a UV lamp and thefocused electrons in EB interact with specially formulated chemistries to curematerials--typically more quickly, using less energy and thereby at lower costthan by other methods.

Theadvantages of UV & EB are well-documented--particularly when used withmanufactured products that require fast processing and/or on substrates thatare sensitive to heat. In addition, UV & EB is considered environmentallyresponsible since most of the solvents in traditional processes may beeliminated, thanks to the special capabilities of UV & EB curing.